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MOUNTAIN makes extremely robust, high-performance systems

Our Decalogue of work for us and for our customers is as follows:

1. INTENT of benefit to all parties

2. HONESTY, truth and transparency

3. ILLUSION and LOVE what we do and who we are

4. TEAMWORK uniting people amid all kinds of projects.

5. RESPECT, empathy and forms in the treatment of clients and people

6. CREATE and innovate making a positive impact in the Universe.

7. SERVICE and care of people and customers.

8. KAIZEN, continuous improvement and updating.

9. TRUST in our products and people.

10. FORCE INTERIOR, endurance, strength ... in people and products

You must have heard of the Everest, the world's highest mountain, a place where you can look out over the horizon but still see every tiny detail of the marvellous landscape that spreads out before your eyes.

Quality policy

How can you look at a landscape like this and not be awestruck by these natural wonders, this grandeur and wonder at how fortunate we are to be part of this splendid spectacle.

Mountain was created with the intention of making people feel this way, taking the beauty of nature and translating it directly to its creations. We should never forget that the raw materials with we manufacture things come from nature, and that is how we want to be perceived... as the fruit of a union between technology and the best materials.

We want you to feel comfortable and safe whenever you have a Mountain in your hands. We build each computer individually and carefully, paying great attention to each step in our quest to produce a superior product. That's the only way we can guarantee that you receive the highest possible quality.

Given the lack of robust alternatives in Spain, Mountain is a company that believes in the potential of domestic production. The conviction that we are producing high performing, extremely stable computers makes us strive to be better in every step we take. We want to stand out as a reliable brand, a brand that our customers have a connection with. We want to be aware of customers' changing needs.

The best way of improving our customer relations is to offer an excellent service where people help people. Personal customer services are our most valued strategy, which we use to ensure that positive energy flows to everyone who takes an interest in Mountain.

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